Art show on legacy of Mughal Empire concludes in Jharoka Art Gallery

ISLAMABAD  – The solo show of watercolors reviving legacy of Mughal Empire by artist and Architect Muhammad Shafiq will conclude here on January 30 at Jharoka Art Gallery.
The exhibition of paintings was a visual presentation of the History of Mughal architecture, traditional heritage and eye-catching imagery.

The show entitled “Our Legacy” displayed a collection of 29 works that showed the artist’s background of an architect with painted historical buildings and fanticizing hues floating in the legacy of Mughal Empire.

M Shafiq was born in Saharanpur India in 1941. He is being participating in different exhibitions on National and International levels since 25 years, Shafiq’s Pallet is rich and decorative, further enhanced with the dotty details.

His background has also introduced him to the understanding of marbles, red sandstone and bricks held together with line and the delicate carving and coverings of glazed tiles and the floorings.

He understands perspective, which makes him aware of the vanishing points and the eye levels that never let anything vanish and yet everything is within his eye-level.

Known for his large pictures, Shafiq experiments with various techniques and media. Ironically his work is a warning for those busy in cutting down trees, vandalizing monuments and choking the smoky streets with Encroachments.

His work portrays the charm and intricacies of beautiful buildings, though he had also made a few landscapes, such as the picturesque view of Lahore.

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