42 art forms adorn at Grandeur Art Gallery

42 art forms adorn at Grandeur Art GalleryLandscapes, still life, abstracts, semi-abstracts and others – they were all there, on exhibition and, subsequently, for sale; all the walls of the Grandeur Art Gallery were studded with artworks.

To be exact, there were 42 of them – all forms of art: vintage works and more recent ones, adorning the walls of the gallery.

There was a painting of flowers in blocks, in the most contrasting of colours, an abstract by Wahab Jaffer.

It was painted as way back as 1989, but somehow, it was still fresh enough to elicit a prospective client’s interest.

Almost all the famous and the not-so-famous among artists were featured there: Mashkoor Raza, Mansoor Aye, Naheed Raza, Hajra Mansoor, and the lesser known ones like Reza-un-Nabi from Bangladesh. In all, works of 24 artists were featured.

Reza’s painting of two Sari-clad women is a refreshing study in that typically Bengali charm – a charm that is a mix of striking simplicity and fresh Bengali good looks.

It certainly is a work of art. The colour of their Saris harmoniously contrasting with their skin colour shows, indeed, a lyrical colourist.

However, one that stands out is a painting of the classical school showing a verdant countryside with its collage of flowers, running clear water brooks, lush foliage and all that goes to make an idyllic scenery.

Something along these lines is a work by Sajjad of two village damsels dancing to the beat of the Dholak and a stringed musical instrument. It is an apt representation of the Punjabi countryside and all the charm that goes with it.

Another imposing one is the portrait of a very pretty woman by Hajra Mansoor. The meticulously chiselled Greco-Roman features, a fresh complexion and everything that goes to make a woman beautiful – something that must have compelled Shakespeare to say: “Beauty, thy name is woman”.

Connoisseurs of art better hurry before the works are sold out. The exhibition will be running until April 24.


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