Art Therapy Workshop

An Art Therapy Workshop was organised for teachers mainly focusing on introduction to art therapy, overcoming child shyness, study of colours and study of children’s drawings here on Sunday.

According to a press release, Samina Jamshed conducted the workshop on Sunday for more than 70 teachers of Convent Schools. Principal Riffaat also attended the workshop.

Samina Jamshed gave them lecture on how they can help children overcome shyness, study their drawings and how they can read their colours. The sisters also said a prayer in the form of dance in which everyone participated. She also gave a demonstration through paintings, saying that it is an exercise that will help teachers overcome the stress they face every day.

Samina Jamshed is the only therapist in Pakistan who is exploring all creative aspects of art therapy which most of us have never even heard about, such as music, dialogue, performing art, art, craft, skill development, creative writing, drawing study and colour evaluation. She has been working voluntarily and so far conducted more than 100 workshops. She plans to conduct a workshop for the teachers of St. Mary’s Cambridge School.

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