Wardah Naeem Bukhari

Wardah Naeem Bukhari

Wardah Naeem Bukhari

(Visual Artist)

Date of Birth: March 21, 1988
Nationality: Pakistani


Degree Institution Year
Ph. D Scholar (University of Punjab) 2013-2016
Art History (Theory) (College of Art & Design) Lahore, Pakistan
M.A.Honors / M. Phil in Visual Arts Paintings, Sculpture (1st Division) National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, Pakistan 2012
B.S Honors in B-Design Visual Communication Design (1st Division) Multan College of Arts (MCA) Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan 2010

Solo Show:

2014 “Metaphors” at Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore.

Group Exhibitions:

1. Participated at Alhamra Young artist Group Exhibition 2014 Lahore.
2. Participated in Group Exhibition Punjab Art Council, Lahore Pakistan 2014.
3. Participated in Group Exhibition of Miniature Painting at Turkey 2013.
4. Participated at Alhamra Young artist Group Exhibition 2013 Lahore.
5. Thesis Show at (NCA) National College of Arts 2012 Lahore.
6. Participated in Group Exhibition LSE 2012 Lahore.
7. Participated at Alhamra Young artist Group Exhibition 2012 Lahore
8. Participated in Group Exhibition in Vogue art Gallery 2011 Lahore.
9. Thesis Show at (MCA) Bahauddin Zakariya University 2010 Multan.
10. Participated in international Group Exhibition Art Expo 2009 Multan
11. Participated in Interior design project, at SOS village 2008 Multan.
12. Participated in international Mango Festival at Shahjahan 2008 Multan.
13. Participated in interior design project at Children Hospital 2007 Multan.
14. Participated in art Exhi Group Exhibition at Multan art council 2007 Multan.
15. Participated in Group Exhibition at art council 2006 Mullan.

Professional Experience:


1. Visiting Lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 2014.
2. Delivered Lectures in digital art, painting and graphic design at Hazara University Mansehra

Invited as a judge in art competitions:

1 Invitation as a judge in Zephyr (SIMS) All Pakistan Arts, Competition 2013 Lahore
2. Imitation as a judge to 1ST Youth Carnival 2014 Islamabad.

Wardah Naeem Bukhari has taken a remarkably gigantic leap in her work. Rather than forsake her earlier engagement with the traditional craft of jewelry-making as practiced by the rural womenfolk of Multan, she has found a contemporary context to translate that practice into a personal idiom: Xeroxed, drawn and/or painted images of human anatomy and physiognomy coupled with organic configurations fashioned out of wire, yarn, thread,metal wire either substituting or standing in for body parts, constitute her new aesthetic, formal and conceptual vocabulary.
To personalize the work further, Bukhari considered making drawings – images that deal specifically with the female form. After all, indigenous practices such as embroidery, stitching, knotting and knitting are a female domain, and almost exclusive to the female component of the rural economy. By combining a primarily feminine vocation with the female anatomy, Bukhari has been able to arrive at a novel approach that carries more impact and conceptual clarity.

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