Summer Art Show 2012

The Nomad Art Gallery’s ‘Summer Art Show’ opened here on Wednesday, with the works of six artists going on display.

The participating artists are Arjumand Awan, Asad-ur-Rehman, Anjum Ayub, Zia Zaidi, Tabassum Rizvi, Mughees Riaz and Hanif Abdul.

Arjumand Awan has done his BBA and diplomas in painting and graphic-designing. He expresses his creativity through different media and fields such as Fine Arts, Decoration and Filmmaking. He depicts various aspects of socio-political and personal life.

Asad-ur-Rehman is a French abstract expressionist painter and sculptor. His canvases are exuberant and filled with colours. Asad’s work is generally characterised by a strong dependence on what appears to be accident and chance, but which is actually planned. His mature work appears to be influenced by French artists as he has studied in France has been living for more than two decades. He believes that abstract art is a way to achieve what is really important. He has participated in many national and international art exhibitions.

Anjum Ayub is a print-maker, deeply attracted and moved by the concerns of the soul. She uses different techniques to create a sanctuary for the soul and then as the world is mortal, the subjects of her paintings and prints also keep vanishing. She has done her BFA from National College of Arts, Lahore and has exhibited in many national and international art shows.

Zia Zaidi graduated from NCA, Lahore, in publicity design. His paintings are an expression of non-physical experience about love and life, believing in inner truth and guidance. He has exhibited his art pieces many times.

Tabassum Rizvi studied Fine Arts from the PECHS College of Girls. She captures the fleeting effects of forms and their expressions in the form of women, enhanced by the effects of shade and light. Her images depict moods, thought and places in bold strokes. She works with oil paints on canvas. Her work has been widely exhibited.

Mughees Riaz graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Punjab University. He currently teaches painting there. He has always been interested in landscape painting, and regards Khalid Iqbal as a mentor. He is also inspired by Monet’s rendering of sunset. Riaz’s work has steadily won appreciation over the last two or three years, so that prices of his paintings have almost tripled. His resume shows an extensive exhibition list which includes galleries around the country as well as group shows of work by Pakistani artists in Korea, Mumbai, England and the US.

Hanif Abdul is a self-thought artist of Pakistani origin, living and working in Frankfurt, Germany, for more than six years. He has exhibited in numerous cities in Germany, works in the medium of acrylics, oils and pastel. His work is currently on show in Frankfurt, Russelsheim, Berlin and Grevenbroich.

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