Sufi Art Exhibition by Younis Roomi

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Sufi Art Exhibition


Younis Roomi

on Saturday 5 March 2015 at 10:00 am to 02:00 pm
Noor Hall, Ramada Hotel,
Islamabad – Pakistan.

Universal Sufi Council

Younis Roomi is transferring his skills of Fine Art at Rawalpindi Arts Council and knowledge to the students who want to become artists and explore this field as a professional artist.
Belonging to a humble family of Shikarpur, Sindh, Younis, developed interest in art as he grew up. After doing graduation, he pursued his passion and took painting as a profession. Younis’s work included calligraphy, landscape, abstract, Sufism, figurative, antique, cubism, and expressionism. He also have experienced with different mediums like sand and glue, acrylic and screen and sketching and 3D effect. He also introduced a new technique of antique style showing message of peace through teachings of Sufism.

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