Mobina Zuberi Comes with a Solo Show, Focusing on Women

Returning to the local art scene, Mobina Zuberi comes with a solo show, focusing on women.

Opening at the Tanzara Gallery, on Thursday evening, Mobina Zuberi’s figures conveyed spiritual human presence and elicit an emotional connection.

Mobina Zuberi’s women were intense, lost as if in a past which had locked up in a dungeon of their own. They were reflecting on what could have been and not what was present. There was a sense of timelessness about them and their beauty was not of a superficial kind.

They were the all knowing types, who seemed to have seen everything, but did not wish to spell it out in words.

Mobina’s fascination with form, structure and movement of figures was a constant throughout her paintings.

According to a visitor, her work prioritised aesthetic principles, technical rigour, detailed draftsmanship and balanced experienced perception with design.

“Its elegance and grace infused with subtlety,” said the visitor to the gallery on the opening day.

Although the mind was tuned to see the woman first and drawn to the human form, in these works the impact of the underlying abstraction, created by the gold and copper paint, fought for dominance.

Mobina conveyed in her sensitive, yet penetrating, depictions of beauty bathed in vintage touch and a sense of knowing. The juxtaposition of the dense recess of shadow drew awareness to the truths that lay well beyond everyday understanding.

“I paint because I am incomplete without doing so. Transferring an image from my mind onto the canvas is a tense and exhilarating process. Painting is the anchor in my life that allows me to steer towards contentment and joy,” said the artist.

The owner of the gallery, Noshi Qadir, explained how Mobina’s palette expressed boldness: strong reds or blues, rusts, gold and oranges. The compositions excited the eye and her paintings left a haunting impression.

“She has carved a niche for herself and her work does not beautify or deify women,” said Noshi Qadir.

Exhibited extensively, her paintings were a part of a personal journey for the artist who kept wishing to define and redefine herself through her work. It was as if she was celebrating the invincibility of the female spirit.

The display will run till May 17.


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