Karachinama by Ahmed Javed

Ahmed Javed
(Behind the Scenes in an Artist’s Studio & More)

on Saturday 12 October 2019 at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
the Exhibition will continue till 8 October 2019

curated by Adeel Uz Zafar

Commune Artist Colony, Sadiq Godown, Miskeen Gali, off M.T. Khan Road,
Karachi – Pakistan.

Karachinama by Ahmed Javed (Behind the Scenes in an Artist’s Studio & More) curated by Adeel Uz Zafar is an extension of Lahorenama exhibited at Sanat Initiative in August 2018.

This ongoing project arose from an idea led by mutual discourse between the artist and curator initally over a period of one year has become a documentaton of keen curiosity about the major players initally of the Lahore and now Karachi art scene – recognized as some of the important personalites in the contemporary art world – what they are like, their artistic process, where they work and more. Ahmed has investgated and decided to document these contemporary artsts in an up-close and personal way, while they pursue daily practice in their workspace or elsewhere which serves as a creative center for experimentation. The project also particularises the discourse of a workshop (the concept of Mughal atelier where apprentices worked under masters) to a complete paradox of an independent artist’s space in which they are free to pursue their own imagery and artistic agenda.

The final list of the artists featured in Karachinama is based on two criteria: one is about being a Karachite and the other is about connecting with the artist on a personal level in order to be allowed to step into their territories without any insecurity. For this venture Ahmed contacted many of his personal favorites but the choices came down to the artists who graciously agreed on allowing him into their world. The artist has also portrayed himself in one of the work as masterminding the project. These works are brave, precious, extremely stimulating and unique – an attempt like this has never been made before especially in connecton with modern and contemporary miniature practice. This ongoing investigation has also been appreciated internatonally and homage to Imran Qureshi’s contributon to the neo-miniature movement by documentng him in his studio (from Lahorenama) has won the 15th annual Sovereign Asian Art Prize for 2019 in Hong Kong. The jurors gave Imran Qureshi’s Studio by Ahmed Javed the highest score in the history of the Prize.

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