Indus Valley School IVS displayed the thesis

Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture IVS displayed the thesis
The exhibition included paintings, art videos and sculptures
IVS displays artwork of students
KARACHI: The Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture displayed the thesis art of its students, featuring the work of its graduation class 2011 here on Thursday.
All fresh artists are in the final semester of their Bachelor of Fine Arts. The exhibition included paintings, art videos and sculptures.
A realistic Fariha Nasir Hussain, expressed her feelings strongly through paintings. She said that she had focused on visual language, instead of concept, adding that her strong inner feelings led her to present what she faced and felt. She used oil colour in a beautiful manner. She also displayed a series painted after the sudden demise of her first cousin that left her grief stricken. Besides paintings, she also played with charcoal and pencil on the paper to create cartoons and graffiti.
Mahvish Mazhar dealt with the differences between the inner and outer situations of various social institutions and personalities. She took the doorbell as a symbol of people and groups and painted a series showing that it was not necessary that one get what he expects at the other side of the door.
Asma Ansari, with the help of art videos, a rare and fresh form of art in Pakistan, explained how hardly time passes when one expects someone. She chose expectation as her subject because she was impatient in nature and observed the moments of anticipation in depth. Through four short video clips, she defined different moods and feelings including irritation, desperation and frustration, all faced by man while waiting for someone.
Sahar Ghanchi, showed a series entitled “Once we were here then we moved on”, in which she painted scenes of spots after meetings and other happenings. Her artwork described that after sometime people move from one place to the other but the non-living things left behind remind them of the past moments.
Sara Najam, showed the struggle, perplexity and other situations faced by a student in our educational system. She used unique items including threads, nails, wood and other material to show the emotions. She also used the emerging art video technique to elaborate her viewpoint.
Madiha Amber presented beautiful lining carved on a canvas with the help of a pen. She showed that we create layers around us to keep ourselves safe, yet we fail to keep the sense of insecurity away. She used beautiful colours to let her ideas talk. Besides paintings, she used printouts and also worked on negatives.
Jehangir Miandad son of renowned cricketer Javaid Miandad depicted the bitter realities of society in his artwork. He is a young, emerging, patriotic and energetic artist, with a very strong grip on social issues. His painting series entitled ‘Colours of life’, not only described the ongoing situation of the country and society, but also urged masses to raise voice against injustice. He was of the view that being a society we were destroying the nature and its principles eventually inviting the wrath of Allah Almighty.
Yamna Maqbool, focused on the natural process of repair and wreck. She said, “My work attempts to encompass the struggle required to recuperate my own living space, which has been suffering from apathy, slothfulness, and sometimes cynicism. It was during this attempt to repair and restore that I began to look at these personal concerns in a larger socio-political context”. She used acrylic on a magazine page and ceramics tiles.
Maheen Ahmed presented sculpture, her major in studies. Being inspired by the nature, she selected flowers as the topic of her thesis. According to her, colours of flowers made her happy in any situation. She likes roses, and her work reflected her choice. She used paper, metal, rubber, wood and felt fabric to design flowers. She used papers in beautiful light colours to form a huge metal ball.
Saba Iqbal was also experimenting in sculptures. The focus of her works was ‘Modular Theory’. She demodulated a minaret, belonging to a civilisation of Multan city and created some electric poles and other items.
The promotion of such type of exhibitions would not only encourage the emerging artists but also promote art and culture in the society, besides urging fresh minds to experiment their creativity in the field of fine arts, said IVS Gallery Head Ambrin Naz.
A large number of IVS students, faculty and art lovers visited the exhibition. The exhibition will continue till Dec 11. daily times
Fourth Alumni Collective 2011
When: Saturday, December 3, 2011
Time: 6:30pm until 9:30pm
: IVS Gallery, IVS Campus, ST 33, Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
IVS Alumni Show Opening Saturday December 03, 2011
The Fourth Annual Exhibition by the IVS Alumni Association, showcasing work by the Alumni body. Art in its truest sense is a medium of change and that’s what we promote in our annual exhibit.
Opening Piece: “The Elevator that never Died” by Babar Sheikh
The exhibit will run till 31st December 2011. 10:30 am till 7:00 pm.
For details please contact:
ST-33, Block-2, Scheme-5, Clifton, Karachi
Hello: 021-35861039-40 ( Ext.252)

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