Exclusive Exhibition of Ricardo Cinalli in Pakistan

The Embassy of Argentine Republic in Pakistan will organise an exhibition of paintings titled “Derivations and Deformations of the Flowers of Evil” by Ricardo Cinalli, an Argentine artist, at Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery, National College of Arts on Dec 21 at 5pm.

In a message, Argentine ambassador Rodolof J. Martin Saravia says: “For the past seven years I have had the joy, privilege and the honor of being Argentine Ambassador to Pakistan. It was seven years ago that I started my tenure by introducing to this great country artist brought from the distant land of Argentina. And I have dreamt for seven long years of bringing to you an exclusive exhibition of Ricardo Cinalli in Pakistan.

“We have succeeded thanks to the boldness of Ricardo Cillani, who decided to push the conventional boundaries of the art world by bringing his art to Islamabad and Lahore. His work will remain in Pakistan as a testimony to the communication that art is capable of spreading between communities beyond any geographical distance.”

Film actress Resham has recently shot a video song with fashion model Daniyal Arshad at the Alhamra Cultural Complex.

“Since I want to support new talent, I decided to shoot this video song which will be sung by Daniyal Arshad himself,” Resham said. She said she was acting in a song after six years.

Answering a question, she said she was more into fashion shoots, video songs and TV plays because nothing much was being done in films. The actress said she would only sign a film which would offer some meaty role.

The last Lollywood film of 2011 “Son of Pakistan” was released this past week. The film premiere was held at PAF Cinema, Cantonment.

The Urdu movie has been directed by Jarar Rizvi and written by Muhammad Tariq. This year Pakistan film industry released 11 movies mostly in the Punjabi language. However, no big banner was released except Bol that clicked in the box office.

Mr Rizvi regretted that only Sila Hussain had come to attend the premiere of the film among the cast. “It`s not Indian movies alone which are spoiling Pakistan`s film industry but our own artistes don`t bother even to attend the film premiere,” he said.

The cast includes Hameed Alam, a new face who has played the male lead and is also producer of the film, Shamil Khan, Babrik Shah, Meera, Sana, Sila Hussain and Ghulam Mohyuddin.

The film revolves around the theme of patriotism and how a peaceful country turned into a den of terrorism. The film shooting was of low quality and the close view of camera disturbed shots. The music was composed by Wajid Ali Nashad. Irfan Khusat and Khushbu also attended the premiere.

The films released during 2011 were: Khamosh Raho, Aik Ghazi Aur, Bol, Sala Sauhra Tay Jawaie, Jugni, Bhai Log, Love Mein Gum, Shah Murad, Thakur 420, Danay Pay Dana and Son of Pakistan.

After successful appearance in “Meray Brother Ki Dulhan”, Ali Zafar is looking forward to impressing his fans with his performance in an upcoming movie “London Paris New York”.

Ammara Hikmat, who is public relations person for Ali Zafar, has informed this reporter about his preparations for the flick expected to be released in February 2012.

“Actor-singer Ali Zafar, who has turned composer for his upcoming Bollywood movie London Paris New York, promised his fans earlier that his film`s music is not going to be conventional,” reads a mail by Ammara Hikmat.

Ali Zafar has also expressed the desire to make sounds that are fresh and wants to experiment with genres and got co-star Aditi Rao to sing with him. “Normally it`s either the hero or heroine who lends his or her voice to a song. But in this case, I decided we`d both sing because Aditi has a nice, soothing voice,” he says.

The film, written and directed by debutant Anu Menon, has six tracks composed by Ali. It is eyeing a February 2012 release,” says the mail. Dawn
The Ambassador of Argentina and Mrs Rodolfo Martin Saravia, hosted a reception at the embassy to showcase an exhibition of paintings titled “Transgressions and Deviations of Les Fleurs du Mal” by the Argentine artist, Ricardo Cinalli.

Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, was the guest of honour but unfortunately, due to her very busy schedule she had to leave after she had taken a quick tour of the exhibition and appreciated the artists work. Head of Consular Section, Incharge of Cultural Affairs, Cecelia Los Arcos introduced the artist and said he was well known at home and abroad. It was his first visit to Pakistan and he was very happy to be here. She then asked the host to say a few words.

Addressing the gathering of art lovers; gallery owners, officials from various ministries and other friends, Ambassador Martin Saravia welcomed them and regretted the departure of the chief guest due to urgent business but appreciated the fact that she had graced the occasion as promised. He said he was pleased to exhibit the work of this great and well-known Argentine artist, who’s work had been much appreciated in a group exhibition about two years ago. “This is one more effort done by the Argentine embassy to build cultural bridges between Argentina and Pakistan,” he said.

“And art, like music has no language barriers. This event is the last of the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between both countries during the current year.” He concluded by thanking his colleagues and staff at the embassy with warm thanks to the sponsor, BRIDAS, an Argentinean oil company working on the TAPI pipeline project headed by Dr Carlos Bulgheroni. During his speech the ambassador recounted how he had persuaded the artist to come to Pakistan and a slip of the tongue that came almost automatically because he has such warm feelings for Pakistan and his friends here.

“I said you will be perfectly safe when you come to ‘my country,’ then realised what I had said and changed it ‘to Pakistan. This is what happens after seven years in Pakistan where i have had the joy, the privilege and the honour of being the Argentine ambassador to Pakistan.” Needless to say he got a round of applause from the men and women who were present.- we love it when someone appreciates our country instead of knocking it at every opportunity! In his brief speech, Ricardo Cinalli, who is visiting Pakistan for the first time, expressed his happiness to be here and referring to his work featured in the exhibition said, “In these line-drawings, I intended to reflect not only some elements of cubism, but also contemplation, togetherness, fantasies and the magical possibility of beauty in a background of entire disorder.” He concluded by thanking the ambassador for the opportunity to exhibit in Pakistan.

If success can be measured by how many paintings are sold at an exhibition, then we can say this was a big success as many art lovers/collectors bought a painting – or two. Not being an expert I cannot comment on the art work except to say the images are reminiscent of Greek sculpture, while the individual compositions add that extra zing which makes each painting different and unique. Ricardo Cinalli was born in Argentina of Italian parents. He established his artistic career in London in the early 1980’s. He is renowned for his large tissue paper drawings, frescoes of Renaissance proportions and works in other media, which he has shown internationally.

In 2006 a major retrospective of his works was held at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires. He has completed a monumental fresco, The Mystic Net, at the Duomo di Terni in Umbria, Italy, which was commissioned by the Diocese as part of its contemporary sacred art projects; a vast fresco in a cathedral in Umbria and his magnum opus, a giant fresco covering all the walls of a custom-built edifice in Punta del Este in Uruguay. He also had a big hand in the restoration of buildings in Spitalfields, in the East End of London, England, where he lives after being dragged there by a friend who wanted to introduce him to the great Salvador Dali. He never met Dali but stayed on to make the place his home and his studio is said to be a work of art in itself! the news

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