Coloured Photographs of Three Artists on Display

Visitors savoured the coloured photographs put on display at the Nomad Art Gallery on Tuesday.

In the exhibition, three photographers present attractive large and small scale landscape, nature impressions and images of ancient architectures.

With the flair of capturing the precise fleeting moments with his camera, Azam Jamil embraced nature and expressions with a fine sense of aesthetics.

The overall compositional structure of the 22 photographs in the exhibition was varied according to the mood of the surroundings.

For Jamil, photography has been a passion since as long a he could remember. The love for preserving nature and architecture has taken him to many places. The birds, flowers and pictures depict Islamabad and surrounding areas.

“The lonely boy in deep thought was captured in F/11 Park where he was enviously watching other children playing cricket.

The Margalla Road is a sunset shot after a day of heavy rainfall. The image of chillies being dried on the door is of a small village near Karimabad (Hunza),” he explained to the visitors.

Photography has been a passion for Nasreen Sultana from a very early age.

“I started digital photography in 2002. Landscapes, twilight zones and macros are my most favourite subjects. I am a self-taught and an amateur photographer. I developed most of the photographic skills through extensive reading on the subject, photography workshops, and most importantly through regular practice and trial and error process,” she said.

The work on display was the result of her photographic adventures in remote areas of Skardu, Sargodha, Chiniot and Islamabad.

M. Azhar Hafeez said his present exhibition was a continuation of his work which represented Pakistan’s people and landscape. The photographs on display portray selections of Azhar’s recent travels in various parts of the country particularly Swat, Lahore and Islamabad.

“I have been to the post-war Swat and to other places. So this exhibition is also a visual update on Pakistan’s present condition. All I have tried with my camera is to show Pakistan at its best, and represent its people and landscape in harmony, which is not tarnished by chaos and disorder. Probably, these photographs convey utmost sincerity of my cause to the viewer,” said the photographer. The show will continue till May 21.


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