Changing perceptions on Islamic art Exhibition at Louvre Gallery

A reinterpretation of Islamic calligraphy was on display at Muhammad Azeem Iqbal’s exhibition here at the Gallery Louvre on Thursday.

The artists uses unconventional and weighty materials such as stones, wood, ceramic, leather and cloth to depict the pursuit and search for God. The exhibition displayed chairs, jewellery, mirrors, swords in addition to calligraphy and sculptures.

Already interested in the period, Iqbal extensively researched the way of living and has tried to replicate the lifestyle in addition to giving a personal touch and expression to his work. Departing from the flora and fauna staple of calligraphy, Iqbal’s three-dimension and abstract take on calligraphy resuscitates the artform, lending his work a thought provoking quality.

“I aim to push viewers to look behind calligraphy’s words, achieving a visceral reaction,” Iqbal said of his work. He added that Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky’s writing has greatly influenced his work, and he hopes to achieve the same level of profundity in his work as Dostoevsky evokes in his words.

The artist also borrows from Japanese NOH theatres which often involve codified and cryptic theatrics, a facet that lends it both power and mystery.

(The Express Tribune)

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